Hiroshima International Youth House
Facility usage guidelines
Reservation requirement periods and rates differ depending on whether young people use the facility for seminar / exchange events (seminar / event-related usage) or the general public uses the facility (general usage) seminar /event-related usage has the following requirements:
Activities intended for young people or foreign students
A group consists of more than 4 young people (ages 15-30)or foreign students
The number of young people or foreign students is more than half of the total number of people in the group
Purposes of activities are not moneymaking
Reservation requirement periods

@We will revise it from October 1,2015 as follows.
@@@(the new from October 1,2015j

Classification Seminar/
event-related usage
General usage
With overnaight
Up to 1 year
in advance
Up to 6 months
in advance
Without overnight
Up to 6 months
in advance
Up to 5 month
in advance
Advantages for people from abroad
The accommodation rates for foreign people with passports visiting Hiroshima for peace study, etc., are the same as the rates for
gseminar/event-related usageh